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June 22, 2015

Rapidroid to be updated on June,25th

I hereby confirm a new release with some non-Android introductions thanks to manual games i've been playing on IOS and also between IOS - Android.

I'm not a fan of Apple devices at all but i must confess their processors are the best for handheld chess. Therefore some proof is needed and will be included very soon, in a few days.

IOS progs which will invade the ranking are Hiarcs, Chess Genius, CNVCS and Chess Pro (successor of Chess Tiger). Shredder and Optime are the others in the queue for july. 

As Jim Ablett remained quiet since a while, Android engines remain the same with more games played. The only exception is Cheese 1.7.

I also expect to include the Android version of Chess Genius for this week. 

Finally Rapidroid reaches error margins around 50 ELO which sounds good. Now it's time to reserve more space for manual games and sail away to multiplatform horizons.

Stay tuned.

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