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August 31, 2015

Android UCI engine update: Zurichess Fribourg JA

Alexandru Mosoi's engine doesn't stop traveling between Swiss cities. The last stop is Fribourg where Jim Ablett's Android version meets the Windows brother.

Let's remember that Android skipped the previous version Bern. This makes two updates in one step. Rapidroid had seen Zurichess with Appenzeller version first and it'd quickly passed to Basel.

Basel is rated 1952 ELO in Rapidroid as of August-2015. Now it's time for Fribourg to push the flag forward. Since Fribourg promises many improvements over Bern already, i believe a serious boost over Basel is possible. Therefore, higher than 2100 ELO will not surprise me.

One may state 2100 is nothing but i don't share such critisicm. Progress is visible and deserves to be favoured.

Now, time to set up a version replacement via gauntlet games to find out what more brings the brand new Zurichess to Rapidroid ranking.

Download Zurichess Fribourg for Android: HERE

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