"It just isn't conceivable that you can design a program strong enough to beat players like me."

December 28, 2015

Stockfish 121215 to overtake Komodo 9.3 in Rapidroid

The fish is back on duty...

This time, the roof above 3300 ELO is fully in flames, hotter than hell.

In contrast to my expectations, the development version of Stockfish looks unstoppable in Rapidroid after 9 rounds played out of 17. I guess we will soon celebrate a new owner of the crown.

The ELO gain over Stockfish 6 is visible and looks reflected, as seen in the snapshot. The biggest surprise here is Komodo 9.3. It plays more drawish than 9.2 with default settings and loses more often to other engines like Critter, Mamba and Firenzina, not only Stockfish. It's incredible that Stockfish 121215 lost only one game so far, not to Komodo but to Critter. Highly interesting.

I'm surprised with the results and i can't wait to see how this race will end. To follow up!


Алексей Чернаков said...

Я Тестировал stockfish (300 партий) 121215 в матче со stockfish 231015(DroidFish 1.59) 1 core:контроль=1 мин на партию.Результат:
Stockfish 231015=+92=137-71(53.5%).
Stockfish 121215=+71=137-92(46.5%).Stockfish 231015 +25 эло по сравнению со 121215.

Andries Johannes said...
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Andries Johannes said...
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Алексей Чернаков said...

Я заметил,андроид версии komodo слабей stockfish.Я еще komodo 9.2 гонял против stockfish и komodo был разгромлен.Андроид версия komodo меня разочаровала.Видимо разработчики больше уделили вниманию версии komodo под персональный компьютер.

Gurcan Uckardes said...

Already too many development versions of Stockfish are available. I've choosen 121215 which came from Jim. Of course, others may perform better in suitable conditions but we can't be sure which Android port is stronger.
Rapidroid is based on 4 threads and 900+2 time controls and if i say Stockfish looks better than Komodo 9.2 it's just a feeling. No statistical proof yet.
However this does not mean my guess is inaccurate. I've tried to implement various tricks to overcome the statistical distortions in Rapidroid.
Various openings from each lines, double side games, variety of oppenents from ELO neighbourhood etc. I'm confident that this is trustable even if the error margins are wider than the ELO gaps.
Even though i'll keep wondering which development version is stronger, i won't go for a closed "Fish Parade" tournament because:
1) Trustable results need 300+ games for me. Only bullet games can finish in reasonable time but the ELO's won't mean anything compared to 900+2.
2) The release of Stockfish 7 is currently knocking at the door...