"It just isn't conceivable that you can design a program strong enough to beat players like me."

November 18, 2016

Houdini 5 for Android on the horizon according to Robert Houdart

We really need to make him release H5 for Android before he vanishes again for another three years.

Frankly speaking, who knows how long the magician will be around after TCEC-9 Superfinal, in case H5 can't resist enough against Stockfish 8?

What's another month of wait?

The current standing at TCEC predicts that Stockfish is close to grab the crown back again according to the bad score of Houdini: +1 =18 -6 after 25 games out of 100 to play. The huge ELO boost over H4 couldn't yet recover the gap.

No matter what, i would be more than happy to host Houdini 5 Android in Rapidroid. If my appreciation for the unexpectedly successful comeback is not a strong reason, let me just say how tired i am of seeing the old Critter 1.6 arm5 (now even arm7 and not compatible with Lollipop) still at 3rd place behind Stockfish and Komodo. We need a magician in Android arena!

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Alex said...

Yummy, i can't wait...

Алексей Чернаков said...

Full support!We need fresh blood!

dmhoang said...
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Anonymous said...

Rodent II 0.9.64 64-bit for android would also be nice. It is less strong than Houdini but it can play also magical.

Bryan Whitby said...
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Anonymous said...

Its been a while so amy more news on houdini 4 android