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May 15, 2017

Wanna weigh your fish? Get Stockfish Bench for Android!

It's all about a great utility written by Alexei which will come handy for all those in need of comparing the performance of the Stockfish engine across their devices and also against their PCs.

The usage is simple: Just GET THIS APK first, transfer it into your device and run it. A DOS-like command line interface will appear for you to enter a command using: bench [hash] [threads] [depth]. Simple, isn't it?
My trials on the "oldie but goldie" quadcore Exynos 4412 showed accurately 915K as expected, using the command like BENCH 128 4 13. Now it's time to repeat for yourself.
The app is using the Stockfish build dated 03-May-2017, so if you want to compare it to a PC engine make sure it's a build from the same date.


Nathanael Russell said...

Root snapdragon 820 @ 2.2GHz
128hash 4cores 20depth


Amador Cuesta said...

A fantastic tool for testing the devices. Nearly four million nps on my Honor Note 8.0.
How may I send you the screenshot?.

Gurcan Uckardes said...

Send it to uckardesg at yahoo dot com. I guess we will soon have to maintain a list here :-)

Rahul Srivastav said...

Hi Gurcan! Komodo10.4 is play superb at Cfa level 5 (15 sec per move) against stockfish and win or draw but level 1 (1 sec per move) komodo was very weak and not win a single game. komodo/stockfish setting Threads= 4 Contempt=0 Why this?

Amador Cuesta said...

Ok, Gurcan, I will send them to you asap.

Alexei Chernakoff said...
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Alexei Chernakoff said...

Hi Gurcan.There my compilation new marvin-2.0.0-arm7:

Rahul Srivastav said...

Hi ! Can anyone of you provide new version of Hakkapeliitta 3.22 - UCI chess engine.

Alexei Chernakoff said...

There my compilation new(05.2017) uci engine tiny_chess_1.4.6_arm7:

Alexei Chernakoff said...

My pgo compilation sting-8.1-arm7:

Anonymous said...

alexei can you provide the last stockfish dev.for android?