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September 1, 2017

Cfish 2017.08.19 by Javiolo

Thanks to Javiolo for keeping the Cfish updated for Android.

The latest app description says:

"Cfish is A port of Stockfish written in plain C by Ronald de Man. Is fast engine.
at this moment, This development is stopped from the 5 of January.
Now we are taking the development of ChessMan3

We do not developer/create this Engine, We just compiled/adapted it for android

Cfish Chess Engine works in ours GUIs.
One installation works in ours 3 GUIs.

Install Cfish engine and run your one of ours GUI (Graphical User Interface), chess board.
UnInstall app to remove engine. Updating the app updates the engine.
Being a library this app does not need has a view/layout, need a Chess Board App.
The engine will appear in the engine list of the GUI

We recommend that you test our updated GUIs:

architectures: (pie) ;
armv5, armv7, arm64v8, x86, x86_64"

WHAT'S NEW (30-Aug-2017):
new Cfish 8 20180819 NOT open exchange (Not oex)
old Cfish 8 20170609 Open Exchange protocol
this chess engine app need a chess board, see app description

You can download the latest version from GOOGLE PLAY.

In case of trouble downloading from your PC, use your mobile device or refer to THIS POST.

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