"It just isn't conceivable that you can design a program strong enough to beat players like me."

January 13, 2016

Android UCI engine update: Gull 3 JA

A stronger version of the mighty Gull finally comes to Android thanks to Jim Ablett. After a first porting attempt which failed, the second seems running well according to first testers. I didn't have yet the same opportunity but i hope there will be no issues about running it in automated tournaments, so that we can at last enjoy welcoming another ~3000 ELO portable engine into the ranking.

If you were to ask me why am i so excited about Gull 3, i'd tell you how sad and frustrating it was to see that even the abandoned old Critter can still remain number 3 in Rapidroid. That was the sign of a very slow progress in Android compared to overall progress speed of computer chess.

How many times we've been searching for Android ports of "others" like Houdini, Hiarcs, Deep Fritz, Nirvana, Naum, Junior, Spike? Inded, we never had enough competition vs Stocfkfish and Komodo as it was the case with several Windows engines.

Now it looks like a stronger Gull will bring some more fresh air. Enjoy it!

Download Gull 3 for Android arm7: HERE


Anonymous said...

Can't use multy threads on lenovo vibe x2

Алексей Чернаков said...

Gull любит думать.Я тут матч небольшой провожу,контроль 900+2.Stockfish 7 ведет,но партии очень упорные.Одна из партий,которую выиграл stockfish,продолжалась больше 200 ходов!Gull проигрывает в основном в эндшпиле по времени.Думаю если контроль поставить 3600+15 то Gull будет значительно сильнее.Кстати Gull выиграл несколько партий у stockfish в очень хорошем,позиционном стиле.
Gull как и komodo на длинном контроле силен.

Gurcan Uckardes said...

Alexei does it work with multi threads in your device? And what cpu do you have?

Anonymous said...

It works on all 4 cores on my Samsung Galaxy s3, but nps is quite low ~130knps in opening position, depth 18 after 1 minute.

Anonymous said...

I'm downclocked to 1.2GHz by the way...:)

Anonymous said...

On the other hand there is no nps displayed in Chess for Android, but I can see 18 moves ahead with 32 moves of selective search in opening position after 1 minute, so doesn't look so bad.

Jim Ablett said...

Gull 3 rev 3 arm 7 JA

Add syzygy suport and nps display in mp mode



Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for your work Jim!!!

Алексей Чернаков said...

Gpu-1000mhz,1 core.