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February 29, 2016

Android UCI engine update: Rodent II JA

Rodent of Pawel Koziol has just gone from v1.7 to v2.0, as promised by the author during the release of Mini Rodent, a temporary but completely clean rewrite which was aiming to prepare a better basis for further progress toward Rodent II.

Previous two versions were rated in Rapidroid as ~2650 ELO for Rodent 1.7 and ~2625 for Mini Rodent, exactly with an expected narrow gap in favor of Rodent 1.7.

Now it's done and it's expected that Rodent II brings considerable improvements. Thanks must go to Jim Ablett for bringing an Android port of it.

My plan is to introduce Rodent II and delete both elder brothers as from April-2016 release of Rapidroid.

Download Rodent II for arm7: HERE
Download Rodent II for arm7: HERE


Archie Shipp said...

Rodent II has the same problem as ExChess does with Seconds Per Move....it moves immediately.

Gurcan Uckardes said...

A lot engines can only run in analysis mode under Android, especially xb engines. On the other hans some others run well with Fischer clock but not with seconds per move. This makes "impossible pairings" when you attempt tourneys. In my case, managing Rapidroid gets complicated but still possible with a lot of extra care. Look at the number of games played in Rapidroid. The lowest ones show Fisher clock (Zurichess, Glaurung, latest Rodent for ex). The highest ones show the flawless engines which play both time controls (Top engines for ex). And the average ones are mostly the engines playing fixed time per move only.

Pawel Koziol said...

This will be fixed in the next Rodent release (already fixed in GitHub repo)

Gurcan Uckardes said...

Thanks Pawel. Rodent 1.7 used ro run both Fischer clock and fixed time per move but since Mini Rodent, only Fischer clock.