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March 1, 2016

Android UCI engine update: Arasan 18.3 JA

The probability of sharing a link of Arasan v54.8 in year 2024 here in this blog may not be zero! And maybe it will be playing at 3500 ELO, who knows?
Jon Dart
I may not be phantisizing too much because Arasan is the oldest of all engines with Crafty and Jon Dart never stops improving it since decades. He came to v18.3 lastly.

Thanks to Jim Ablett who compiled the new Arasan for Android, i guess we will soon be able to see it causing problems to the strongest mobile engines. There are already plenty of Arasan builds for Android available and they always worked flawlessy with all multicore processors i've tested. Therefore, i see no reason for 18.3 to be different from the perfect trend.

The expected ELO of the new version is above 2900 vs 18.2 which is rated ~2890 in Rapidroid.

Download Arasan 18.3 for arm7: HERE
Download Arasan 18.3 for arm7: HERE


Unknown said...

Using with Hawk chess GUI, Arasan is too hasty and cannot show his max power (version 15.1 to 18.3).
who can fix this problem?

Gurcan Uckardes said...

Did you verify if it runs multi core? If single core, it will suffer by 100 to 150 ELO compared to a quad core.

KangHong NewLong said...

Setting threads to 1 or 4, UCI_LimiyStrength to false or true (UCI_Elo=2600), Arasan's ELO is less than or equal to DanaSah6.1's ELO 1600 and weaker than Hawk built-in engine.

Even though Hawk GUI has some problem, but this combination is too bad.

There is no choice but to use other combinationd, now.