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May 30, 2016

New Android UCI engine: Paladin 0.1 aka AnkanChess

This is the birth of a brand new chess engine written by Ankan Banerjee from India, according to the info i could collect about it. The author has various other apps, not just for chess. I've also seen some topics about some stuff that he has released about perft analysis.

I assume the engine is fully original, not a clone. It works okay as UCI engine on my Exynos 4410. I'll see for other CPU's too.

The build is for arm7 and it can be downloaded: HERE

Thanks go to Alex for sharing the information about Paladin.


Котельников Валерий said...

Returning to the Embla engine: there is information that it is made for "Raspberry Pi" therefore doesn't work at normal devices.

Gurcan Uckardes said...

Ok. However i was able to play a game at 15 sec/ move. I was white, Embla was black. In fact, Raspberry Pi uses arm architecture and we can't automatically assume nothing will work there.

Котельников Валерий said...

The reference to Embla was found in article about "Raspberry Pi", but I also decided to check for ARMv5, and.... the miracle occurred. Embla plays on ancient LG-P500-V20e (OS 2.3.3), but plays very poorly.

Котельников Валерий said...

Small match: CfA-Embla 6,5-3,5; 10 sec/move, TCEC-7. Seven games of equal fight, but in three last CfA pulled out a victory. https://cloud.mail.ru/public/5tLF/DfRrBR455

Алексей Чернаков said...

Droidfish+new stockfish 280516!