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May 11, 2016

Rapidroid to include 17 more engines, not very soon though

As my cellphone subscription doesn't allow roaming, the vacation days have partly been a good opportunity to use my Galaxy Note I as an alternative test device in order to find out how many previously disqualified engines can come back to life after the xboard time management fix of CfA.

So, here's a quick summary of what i did on my vacation:
* Qualified 20 Xboard engines: Beowulf, Bruja, Buzz, Carnivor, Darky, FairyMax, GES, Gfc, Gk, Gullydeckel, Laser, MicroMax, Mizar, Morphy, PurpleHaze, Romichess, Sjaak, Soldat, Sunsetter, Toledo
* Qualified 1 Xboard engine update: GreKo 2015 (long awaited step forward since 12.5)
* Qualified 3 UCI engine updates: Danasah 6, Rhetoric 1.4.3, Sayuri 2015.05.07
* Qualified 4 new UCI engines: Chiron 3, Cinnamon 2.0, Rodin 8.0, Danasah Random
* Abandoned 7 Xboard engines due to incompatibility with Fischer clocks: Danchess, Faile, Jester, Kitteneitor, Mango Paola, Witz, Woodpecker. Although they play well with fixed time per move setting, this secondary time control always acted as a handbrake in Rapidroid.
* Tested again 14 xboard engines without success: ChessOne, Chess Rikus, Dabbaba, Evolchess, Jfresh, Joanna, Kiwi, Minace, msKcp, Napoleon, Sachy, Wing, Xpdnt

This makes 125 Android engines in total and including 14 other standalone programs, next release will potentially include 139 programs.

Of course, this is possible if can manage to finish and process all necessary additional games. The task is scary but switching to a common time control may help go quicker.


Alex said...

Hi Gurcan!
Is this the new Jim's site? http://jim-ablett.co.de/

Unknown said...

I don't think so. Jim says he needs a break. I guess his motivation will come back after a while and he will suddenly attack us again with several compiles when he's done :-)

Alex said...

Hi Gurcan!
I have a question, from all the engines (except Chiron), is there any other engines that can support ctg books in C4a?

By the way, there is new update for Chiron and C4a.

Unknown said...

Hi Alex, as i don't uae books in Rapidroid i may not be the expert about ctg books. All i can state is that very few engines support ctg. If you use Droidfish, you have access to ctg's via the gui.. In CfA, ctg books ia only available if the engine supports them solely.