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April 12, 2016

Android UCI engine update: Cinnamon 2.0

The new version of Cinnamon appears to be compiled on April 1st for Android. Hopefully it's not an April's fool joke. The build is running very well, even on my old Galaxy Note I.

It's funny that after Jim Ablett's website is down since a few weeks, i had to become a fisherman to sail away here and there in various websites and look for new versions on my own.

Sometimes i'm coming home (!) with nothing at all. And sometimes i'm lucky.

Indeed we need more engine authors who care about Android versions. So, thanks must go to Guiseppe Cannella. He's one of them.

I'd previously posted about 1.2b version of Cinnamon which worked on some arm devices according to other users but that never happened on my Exynos or Rockchip cpu's. I only had the x86 build working on Atom 3745D, a processor that i could not use for Rapidroid due to different Nps performance distribution across engines. X86 is simply not linear with arm architecture.

Now Cinnamon 2.0 looks promising for a series of gauntlets since it can use both fixed time and Fischer clock as per first tests. I guess it can take part in the next Rapidroid release.

Meanwhile, you may enjoy the following builds on your arm devices:
Cinnamon 2.0 32-bit for arm7: HERE
Cinnamon 2.0 64-bit for arm8: HERE


Alex said...

Thanks Gurcan!
Keep up the good work!

Alex said...

Gurcan do you have this one -> Texel 1.6a34?


Alex said...

Better link for Texel https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/89684995/texel106a34.7z

Unknown said...

Thanks Alex. I'll check asap.

Alex said...

Cinnamon 2.0 ,C4a, engine exits all the time..

Unknown said...

That's what used to happen with 1.1 and 1.2b to me. If you have arm7 32-bit and it exits, no solution. If you have 64-bit Android, make sure you try first arm8 and if it fails, later with arm7. Anyway i'm sure you've been trying everthing possible already... What cpu and Android you have?

Unknown said...

On my Galaxy Note I and II, both Exynos and Android 4.X 32 bit, there is no issue under CfA using arm7 build.

Alex said...

Tablet (android 4.4) 4cores x32bit.
You right, I've been trying everything, still not work.
This issue doesn't bother me, i mean, i never had the chance to test this engine.
So, it's okay :)

P.S. Look's like, Jim is our only saver!