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April 27, 2016

Android UCI/XB engine update: Danasah 6

A few days ago, i'd posted the random move version of Danasah, an engine written by Pedro Castro. He ended up releasing more variants of his engine, in order to compare the time usage under Arena on a PC as well as under Chess for Android on Android.

The comparisons showed that CfA needs a fix regarding Fischer clock with UCI protocol.

What's left on the engine side is 3 more engines which offer different usages for different purposes. 

Read what Pedro said about them:

"I have introduced UCI from version 6. Version 5.07 is not compatible with UCI. Yesterday I tried the JA version 5.07 and had some problems (with time?).

If you want to try I think I have a version 6 that plays well xboard and uci.
* danasah6.arm7 --> version with full strength
* danasah6_ls.arm7 --> version with limit strength (0 and 2300-2500)
* danasah6_rnd.arm7 --> version with random move (this version is part of the limited version , but for GUI's without complete options for uci. I recommend changing the old executable by this).
* danacfg.txt --> configuration file for full and limitstrength xboard version. It must be in the same folder as the engine.

Opening books are not included.

The Elo should be similar to version 5.07 ( + -20 ), I've changed only a little time management and search."

All 4 files can be downloaded: HERE


Aprijal Pasaribu said...

how to set opening book in this engine option? I'm using DroidFish.

Unknown said...

Dear Aprijal, first dowload Danasah book and copy it to uci folder of Droidfish. Then, using Manage chess engines menu, select Danasah. Once it's loaded, go to the menu again and choose set options. In this menu set own book. Danasah should use its book from now on.