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April 14, 2016

Android UCI engine update: Rhetoric 1.4.3

The new version of  Rhetoric is the latest fish found in the "not recently very fruitful" ocean of the chess engines for Android. If that sounded too optimistic and if you wanna read "ocean" in a more realistic description, you may call it "a water of glass".

I must thank Alex for notifying me about the new Rhetoric.

For sure, i need a Sherlock Holmes'ish method to detect new and updated engines. It looks like that as long as Jim Ablett will remain silent, i'll have to bookmark all the engine homepages maintained by authors who compile for Android too and check regularly for anything new.

BikJump, Cheese, Cheng, Cinnamon, Deuterium, Gaviota, Gnu, Gödel, Rodent, Rhetoric, Sayuri, Senpai, Texel are identified so far as main potentials in the quest of updates.

Regarding Rhetoric by Alberto Sanjuan, the jump from 1.4.1 to 1.4.3 may push its latest 2608 ELO in Rapidroid to somewhere like 2640. Now all that is left to be done is to play gauntlets and refresh the ranking.

Rhetoric appears to play fine with fixed time per move and Fisher clock time controls, with almost no issues since hundreds of games on my Exynos arm7 devices. The only thing to mention is that it doesn't like the Rockchip processors at all. Just try for yourself on your processors.

Rhetoric 1.4.3 for arm5 is available for download: HERE


Alberto Sanjuan said...

Hi Gurcan.
You said "it doesn't like the Rockchip processors at all".
Do you know which is the target architecture for this Rockchip processors? I mean: armv9, cortex... I need to know the architecture to produce the binary. I'll try to make one for you.


Unknown said...

With 1.4.3 the issue seems solved. I've tested with RK3188 already and it's working. In any case, if Rockchips caused issues, i'd rather assume it's related to the processor, not your engine. Rockchips are arm7 like Exynos and there should be no different behaviour at all. Best regards.

Alberto Sanjuan said...

Happy to hear that :)
Best regards.