"It just isn't conceivable that you can design a program strong enough to beat players like me."

July 2, 2017


This could be my favorite position to ensure a safe draw! Nevertheless, do not mess with Cfish to analyze it for a win, it would possibly crash.

Senior Chess 1.97

Two more updates of Senior Chess followed my last post. The latest modifications were mainly based on bug fixes. Meanwhile, according to Leen, the author of the app, the engine plays stronger as from v1.93.

WHAT'S NEW (1-Jul-2017):
- An error reported by two users and relating to online endgame tablebases was fixed.

Download last version of Senior Chess from GOOGLE PLAY.

Android UCI engine update: Corchess 1.5U.20170629.ACH

Thanks to Alexei for porting a newer version of CorChess to Android:
GET Corchess 1.5U.20170629.ACH for arm7

Below description of the engine is taken from its homepage:

"Corchess is a clone of Stockfish source code maintained by Ivan Ivec for better performance on long time controls, trying at least partially to fill the gap between regular tests and demands of correspondence players.

The idea is to improve the following scalability of Stockfish 8.

Starting from version b3, all patches are first tested at 200+2 time control (1 thread, 64 MB hash, 1000-2000 games) and then tested with 10000 games at 40+0.4 time control (1 thread, 16 MB hash). To minimize statistical errors, all patches will be tested against Stockfish rather than against previous version."

In case of trouble downloading from your PC, use your mobile device or refer to THIS POST.

Stockfish dev't 2017.06.29 OEX installer by Javiolo

This is the most recent development version of the fish being ported to Android for the moment. Enjoy!

WHAT'S NEW (29-Jun-2017):
-New release Stockfish 8 20170629 Open Exchange protocol
-Old release Stockfish 8 20170526
This chess engine app need a chess board, see app description
Other Stockfish derivatives
For more engines, see Chess Engines app

You can download Stockfish OEX installer PIE for modern devices from GOOGLE PLAY.

You can also install these builds manually from this ARCHIVE, in case you don't need OEX feature or you wish to keep backups available after a future update of this app.

In case of trouble downloading from your PC, use your mobile device or refer to THIS POST.

CEPA 0.6.5 by Javiolo

Thanks to Javiolo for continously improving this nice GUI. Keep up the good work dear friend!

WHAT'S NEW (28-Jun-2017)
-Analysis after move
-Uninstall Eng. free
-Fix bug to play loaded game
-Fix bug nopie, x86 def engine
-Hash free

You can get the latest CEPA from GOOGLE PLAY.

Droidfish 1.69 by Christoph Heilman with seldepth info

This is a custom version based on the original 1.69 code, modified by Christoph Heilman. The modification adds the selective depth info.

Thanks to Christoph for notifiying and reproofs to myself for being late enough to share the info!

GET latest Droidfish from Google Play
GET Droidfish 1.69 original by Peter Ă–sterlund
GET Droidfish 1.69 with seldepth info by Christoph Heilman

In case of trouble downloading from your PC, use your mobile device or refer to THIS POST.