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March 7, 2017

Android UCI engine update: Ethereal 8.12

Expect 2500+ ELO on a mobile device with this new update...

GET Ethereal 8.12 for arm7 32-bit pie

In case of trouble downloading from your PC, use your mobile device or refer to THIS POST.

Stockfish dev't 2017.02.27 OEX installer by Javiolo

WHAT'S NEW (1-Mar-2017):
new release Stockfish 8 20170227 Open Exchange protocol
old release Stockfish 8 20170121
this engine release work fine with analysis, please update
this chess engine app need a chess board, see app description
Now, this app has a layout
Other Stockfish derivatives

You can download Stockfish OEX installer from GOOGLE PLAY.

CEPA 0.5.6 by Javiolo

WHAT'S NEW (28-Feb-2017)
- fixed bug on Edit board
- new Engines https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.packs.activechessenginespack&hl=es
- other fixes

You can get the latest CEPA from GOOGLE PLAY.

Active Chess Engines pack by Javiolo

Javiolo's new app is able to install latest versions of five "above average" engines. The bad news is that this pack is not yet OEX compatible.

Here are the comments of the author:
"Several Active development of Chess Engines
We do not developer/create this Engines,We just compiled/adapted them for android
For the moment this Chess Engines only works in our GUIs. they are Not oex engines.

UnInstall app to remove all engines. Updating the app updates all engines.
Being a library this app does not need has a view/layout, need a Chess Board App.
The engines will appear in the engine list of the GUI

See our GUIs:

In this gui still do not work

architectures: (pie) ; armv7
Engines included: (v20170228)
Arasan 20170209 Jon Dart
Gnu Chess 20161029 sorry bug in date
Greko 20161231 Vladimir Medvedev
Laser 20170215 Jeffrey An and Michael An
RodentIIrisky 20170205 Pawel Koziol

Api min 16 (4.1 Jelly Bean)
for old devices install Stockfish nopie app
There may be problems with chessbase
these engines are on github"

You can install the latest version of the package from GOOGLE PLAY.

Stockfish derivatives by Javiolo: Other Fish 20170221 (64-bit only)

Javier's OEX engine pack comes with six strong Stockfish derivatives:

Brainfish 2017.01.28 for arm8
Cfish 2017.01.05 for arm8
Corchess 2017.01.27 for arm8
McBrain 2017.01.27 for arm8
Nayeem 2017.01.15 for arm8
SugaR 2017.02.14 for arm8

WHAT'S NEW (21-Feb-2017):
Six 64 bits engines derived of SF that support the Open Exchange protocol. Now Less size
these chess engines app need a chess board, see app description.

Download and install Other Fish app from GOOGLE PLAY.

Mobialia Chess Free 5.3.5

WHAT'S NEW (15-Feb-2017):

- In the new online sidebar, the "Offers" option was showing the user's finger
- Fixed a bug exporting to PGN in progress games (it was not adding a * at the end of the move list)
- Added the promotion to king option for the suicide/giveaway chess variant
- Fixed some disconnection problems in the web app at http://chess.mobialia.com
- UCI engines are out of beta

Download latest version from GOOGLE PLAY.

Lichess 4.11.1

GET latest Lichess for Android at GOOGLE PLAY.

WHAT'S NEW (19-Feb-2017):
- fix analysis from training

Android UCI engine update: Sayuri 2017.03.05

Anyone able to get these builds of Sayuri running well, please comment here about your hardware / software environment.

GET Sayuri 2017.03.05 for arm5

In case of trouble downloading from box, use your mobile device or refer to THIS POST.

Android UCI engine update: Zurichess Jura

The journey in Switzerland goes on. The last stop defined by Alexandru Mosoi is Jura, following Graubuenden. There's about +60 ELO which means Zurichess is getting closer to the top. I would expect 2700 from Jura in next Rapidroid ranking which will probably appear on April-2017.

GET Zurichess Jura for arm

In case of trouble downloading from your PC, use your mobile device or refer to THIS POST.

SSDF rating list of 15-Feb-2017

This is the update dated Feb-2017 following Aug-16. SSDF still lacks of latest versions of Stockfish and Komodo, which will disappoint the new generation of chess freaks. However, several mobile programs introduced can be interesting for dedicated fans, mainly the older ones.
The Top-20 of SSDF list

Comments to the Swedish Rating List 1/2017, February 15

"The latest ratinglist features two new entrants since the last time. The first one marks a very strong comeback by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen. His latest version of Deep Shredder 13 is now third on our ratinglist and with its rating of 3297 after 516 games, it is an impressive 194 points ahead of its former version, the Deep Shredder 12!

Our other addition to the ratinglist, are a newly released dedicated chess computer - namely the Millenium ChessGenius! It was released in the autumn of 2015 by the company Millenium GmbH. It features the ChessGenius program made by Richard Lang and is powered by an ARM Cortex M4 processor at 48 MHz. After the first 101 games, it is rated at 2069.

Since the last ratinglist, Chiron 3.01 has gained 14 points with 267 more games played. Pro Deo 2.1 YAT lost 31 points since last time and even though the Pro Deo 2.0 also lost some points, the gap between the two of them has been reduced to 36 points. Revelation II Hiarcs 14.1 lost 16 points since last time, mostly due to the performance in its meeting against Jonny 4.

We are at the moment testing several dedicated chesscomputers, which will gain entry to the coming ratinglists of 2017, as soon as they pass the necessary 100 games. Both newly released models (like the Revelation Ruffian 2.1 and Millenium ChessGenius Pro), but probably also some "oldies" (like the Mephisto London 68000 and 68020). We will also begin testing some new engines on our Q6600-level for the upcoming ratinglists.

Lars Sandin"

You can download the latest SSDF list HERE or a copy of the 2017-02-15 list HERE.

In case of trouble downloading from your PC, use your mobile device or refer to THIS POST. 

Activeschach ELO list 2017 by Schachcomputer.info

The favorite place to find antything related to dedicated chess computers should be Schachcomputer.info. It has a perfect database about any chess computer ever sold, as well as a live forum where addicted people still share information about their machines. They still conduct online tourneys as well.

After a pause longer than expected (which skipped 2016), they have released in the beginning of this year, an important update of their Activeschach rating list. This list is based on games played at 30'/game or 30sec/move time controls.

I think the list still remains very interesting because it has a correlation with SSDF's list and features hundreds of machines. However, do not be surprised to see 2405 ELO on top. These machines don't have octa core Intel's.