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March 7, 2017

SSDF rating list of 15-Feb-2017

This is the update dated Feb-2017 following Aug-16. SSDF still lacks of latest versions of Stockfish and Komodo, which will disappoint the new generation of chess freaks. However, several mobile programs introduced can be interesting for dedicated fans, mainly the older ones.
The Top-20 of SSDF list

Comments to the Swedish Rating List 1/2017, February 15

"The latest ratinglist features two new entrants since the last time. The first one marks a very strong comeback by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen. His latest version of Deep Shredder 13 is now third on our ratinglist and with its rating of 3297 after 516 games, it is an impressive 194 points ahead of its former version, the Deep Shredder 12!

Our other addition to the ratinglist, are a newly released dedicated chess computer - namely the Millenium ChessGenius! It was released in the autumn of 2015 by the company Millenium GmbH. It features the ChessGenius program made by Richard Lang and is powered by an ARM Cortex M4 processor at 48 MHz. After the first 101 games, it is rated at 2069.

Since the last ratinglist, Chiron 3.01 has gained 14 points with 267 more games played. Pro Deo 2.1 YAT lost 31 points since last time and even though the Pro Deo 2.0 also lost some points, the gap between the two of them has been reduced to 36 points. Revelation II Hiarcs 14.1 lost 16 points since last time, mostly due to the performance in its meeting against Jonny 4.

We are at the moment testing several dedicated chesscomputers, which will gain entry to the coming ratinglists of 2017, as soon as they pass the necessary 100 games. Both newly released models (like the Revelation Ruffian 2.1 and Millenium ChessGenius Pro), but probably also some "oldies" (like the Mephisto London 68000 and 68020). We will also begin testing some new engines on our Q6600-level for the upcoming ratinglists.

Lars Sandin"

You can download the latest SSDF list HERE or a copy of the 2017-02-15 list HERE.

In case of trouble downloading from your PC, use your mobile device or refer to THIS POST. 

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