"It just isn't conceivable that you can design a program strong enough to beat players like me."

February 28, 2015

Colossus 4.0 C64 finally meets Rapidroid!

I've been waiting since long ago to see that day. Now it's done. At least started...

Rapidroid is an experiment i'd invented in order to remedy the lack of serious chess engine rankings dedicated to Android, the way it's being done since decades for PC programs. However, no matter how accurate it becomes, the fun remains limited if you concentrate it to a single platform.

I believe multiplatform lists are more fun. Even SSDF, after all these recent top engines missing, is still a reference. You like it or not but you can't look elsewhere to see how comparable perform mobile programs vs PC's vs tabletops of the past etc.

Well, okay, but where is Android in SSDF? Nope...

To stop repeating the same question, i'd decided in the very beginning, to introduce a few PC engines as trustable anchors and besides these, especially as much retro programs as i can. I never had the opportunity. And recently in 2015 Jim Ablett compiles have taken away the first spare time chance.

After 8 months of wait, i finally said "Ok. I won't wait anymore and i'll do it right here right now!". The first one i'm finally injecting into Rapidroid is hereby COLOSSUS 4.0, released exactly 30 years ago, acknowledged as the strongest Commodore-64 program ever.
One funny micro-experiment of last year is to remember here. That was Colossus running at 24 hours per game vs Stockfish DD at 15 seconds per game, thus the most unbalanced settings in order to favor the oldie goody against the current World #1. The odds ratio was 24*60*60 / 15 = 5760 times more time for Colossus. Time heals many things but can't recover 30 years. As expected, the two games hadn't last even 50 moves. Paralyzed superchild had easily overcome the turbocharged grand grandfather.

Today, i played 4 games using two different Colossus configurations: One at 100X this time (more and more turbocharge please) and another with usual equal time control vs the weakest Android engine available, which is OliveChess. Olive looks like under 800 ELO, a great tool for all of us to achieve a victory against a computer in chess. Lol.

100X of Colossus might be equivalent to log (100) / log (2) * 60 = almost 400 ELO more, using the very rough and speculative formula. Since i expect standard Colossus to play 1300 ELO, can i expect then 1700 ELO at 100X? Although i strongly doubt about this but we'll see the difference in future Rapidroid lists thanks to the introduction of both configs.

Makes too much paragraphs for my poor fingers. Let's better take a look at the first games vs OliveChess, specially choosen to let Colossus with a victory. Colossus played on VICE emulator while Olive was running on a tablet with Rockchip 3066 dual core processor. For Olive, single, dual, quad cores don't count and only GHz matters. It's a single core engine.
* Time control for Colossus 100X was set to 100 * 10 sec/move = 16 mins 40 secs / move
* Time control for Colossus standard and Olive was set to usual 10 secs / move because Olive can't play with mins / game.
* The opening was the same for all 4 games, an 8 moves Sicilian taken from the first game of TCEC-
* Book and prediction was set to 0 for Colossus.
* Colossus clock was set to 8 x average time setting and not zero, to prevent extra time usage.

GAME-1: OliveChess 0-1 Colossus 4.0 C64 100X

GAME-2: Colossus 4.0 C64 100X 1-0 OliveChess

GAME-3: OliveChess 0-1 Colossus 4.0 C64

GAME-4: Colossus 4.0 C64 1-0 OliveChess

New Android XB/UCI engine: Slowchess 2.960e.JA

I was just wondering how Jim Ablett compiled SamChess (posted a few days ago here) and could possibly skipped Slowchess because they share the same homepage. Slowchess is written by Jonathan Kreuzer from USA, although ironically named "slow", is known to be much stronger than Samchess. Hopefully, the wait didn't last too long and yesterday night, i've got the answer to my question, packed in a new compile by Jim. Nice!

Slowchess has 2639 ELO on CCRL scale. Interpolated to Android, it would roughly be 2450. Note that it needs to be installed as a UCI engine acording to JA.

Download Slowchess with some optional bitbase endgame files: HERE

February 26, 2015

Android UCI engine update: Jazz 8.40.JA

Following v8.21 ported to Android less than two months ago by Jim Ablett, now it's the recent version of Jazz coming from Jim Ablett.

Jazz is not particularly a top engine but it was good and functional enough to be selected for TCEC events. Besides, its programmer Evert Glebeek from Netherlands, is highly addicted to alternative chess variants. The outcome is colorful with engines such as Jazz, Leonidas and Sjaak, all present in my preivous and current test experiments.

You may download Jazz 8.21.JA: HERE

New Android XB engine: Sachy 0.2.01.JA

Sachy is one of the historical engines we used to run ten years ago, written by Martin Macok from Czech Rep. I've got little hope to get it validated for RAPIDROID. However, if it passes the tests, Sachy is a "strong" candidate to fight for the last place with OliveChess.

Anyways, i'm never against weak engines. They add statistical value to any rating list by filling empty gaps of the distribution, consequently linking distant engine clusters.

Download Sachy: HERE

P.S.: Failed both fixed time per move and Fischer clock tests. Unfortunately, Sachy won't be in RAPIDROID but you can still use it to play individual games.

New Android XB engine: SamChess JA

This engine claims to be the smallest in size. So better be ready to deal with some headache before trying. Not only because WB/XB protocol is already harder to manage under Android but also because of the way SamChess is conceived. It doesn't know every rule and feature the minimal functions.

Download Samchess: HERE

A brief summary of Android chess engines

Here's what i've collected so far, summarized in an EXCEL SHEET. You may use this as a guide to your own usage. All comments and remarks are welcome in case you find out something i must correct. Just post them here.

The document is a living one, subject to daily updates by definiton. The new compiles were raining so fast this year that i've barely coped with updates on the list. Even this version has some white rows, meaning that there's something new added recently and its compatibility remains to be tested.

The engines on green rows work fine with fixed time per move as well as Fischer clock (minutes per game + increment per move), while the yellow ones are not compatible with both settings but one of them is still ok.

The orange rows point to the engines with whom none of above time setting work without issues. Some are still ok for human-machine games but they won't work with engine tournaments at all.

By default, only the latest version of an engine is taken into consideration in the list. A few exceptions are some earlier versions which perform better (ie. BikJump) or version which are still in comparison state (ie Glaurung).

February 25, 2015

WCC to be held in Leiden in July-2015

Five links, hundreds of comments, claims, assumptions, objections, statements...

The related topic at Talkchess
About the World Computer Chess Championship at WIKIPEDIA

My point of view remains the same: Chess is fun. So do all kind of chess tournaments.

Deep Fritz now available for Android

It's good news to see the legendary Deep Fritz coming to Android at last. Chessbase started to bundle the long awaited engine with their Chessbase for Android app. They claim it's useable as an analysis tool like Komodo and other compatible UCI engines.

I don't know yet whether we can import it to Chess for Android for engine tournaments the way we used to do with Komodo 8. If yes, it could be an option to buy the app, depending on the cost, as usual, natürlich!

Almost all chess freaks know Deep Fritz, formerly released as Fritz, very well. So i won't repeat that it was one of the top engines for years, from late 90s until the era where open source engines started to gain popularity and made life difficult for commercial chess.

Further info: ChessBase page

Buy and download: Google Play

New Android UCI engine: Byak 8.10.14.JA

Byak is not an old engine at all. Besides, it's in early development phase. Only the source code is available and no compile is provided yet according to its homepage at github.

Usually Jim Ablett does't skip any engine source code. Thus, he didn't wait long to compile it for Android. It makes now more than 140 engines available. At least 100 are compatible with tournaments under Chess for Android 5.0.5.

Byak, in its current stage should not be strong yet but it deserves a try for sure. In case it passes my tests, it  will become a part of Rapidroid, in order to save the whole world from the unbearable headache caused by its unknown ELO.

Download and enjoy Byak: HERE

February 24, 2015

Colossus 4.0 C64 to revive soon in RAPIDROID!

You think it's a joke? Yes and no. I had not foreseen a Commodore-64 program from 1985 to be the first non-Android to appear on Rapidroid ratings. Though the idea looks weird and stupid at first sight, it may be interesting to find out if it can still find an opponent to play after so long time.

Colossus was my first serious computer rival in late 80's after Grand Master which had quickly became my whipping boy in no more than 30 games. Colossus, in contrast, was not that easy for me to beat and it has remained the best chess memory of my childhood. I still remember Chessmaster 2000 too but Colossus was unique with a lot of professional features.

Today is 2015 and it's possible to have Colossus running almost hundred times faster than on a C64, using warp setting in WinVICE emulator, thanks to Intel Core i7. Therefore, it won't be foolish to give a try with it face to the recent engines below 1500 ELO.

So, stay tuned for a pleasant retro-chess encounter to be included in Rapidroid very soon. Now you wanna guess how high Colossus Turbo can reach 30 years after its birth?

Computers to leave chess and GO away?

Don't you think the time is running up
for computers to take over GO?

February 23, 2015

New Android UCI engine: Gull 1.2.JA

Gull is for me, the #4 engine worldwide. It's written by Vadim Demichev from Russia and it became very popular during last two TCEC competitions thanks to convincing victories versus the strongest engines, mainly Stockfish.

The latest Gull 3 hits 3100 ELO on a modern PC. That said, only three musketeers Komodo, Stockfish and Houdini are known to surpass the strength of Gull. Some may object this statement and deduct Houdini from the three, though.

I highly appreciate the arrival of Gull to Android platform. It was long awaited by many fans. If it's not the latest version being provided, there's nothing to worry too much. V1.2 is no bad player either.

CCRL list shows clearly the difference between versions of Gull such as:
v3 64 bit 4 CPU: 3197
v3 64 bit 1 CPU: 3125
v1.2 64 bit 1 CPU: 2927
v1.2 32 bit 1 CPU: 2875
Android v1.2 32 bit: Let's estimate 2700

PS on 9-Mar-15: I wonder why Jim Ablett has preferred to compile v1.2 while v3 source code is included in the download package at soundforge page. Because it's C and not C++? No idea yet.

Download and enjoy Gull: HERE

New Android UCI engine: Zurichess Appenzeller JA

What a cool name for a chess engine! It made me curious to discover whether there's a meaning behind the name. The web search reveals that the name Zurichess is in dependence on Züritüütsch, the High Alemannic dialect spoken in the Canton of Zurich. Well, umm, okay then.

The engine is not historical at all. It was released in 2015 by its author Alexandru Mosoi from Romania. According to CCRL the stable version of Zurichess is rated 1728 ELO on 40m/4' time control while Appelenzer version ported by Jim Ablett is a developement version.

Last thing for the eagle eyed readers: The engine is not named Zurichchess like on the logo above but Zurichess.

You may download and try Zurichess: HERE


It's finally done, despite heavy pressure of the compile storm by Jim Ablett during last two months. The unique Android experiment, severely destroyed to become obsolete, is restored from scrath. I feel happy now.

The ranking is not stupid at all, in relation to very low number of games. This is the least accurate state it can present because linking separate clusters of engines needs at least two rounds.

To keep the promise made in yesterday's post, i didn't wait Bison 15.1 to finish Round-2 games but it's only 14 games missing. No harm at all.

Don't be surprised to see Komodo ahead of Stockfish 6 because it's due to first two openings i'm using. Previous list was the same after two rounds. After starting with an even higher gap vs Stockfish 5, Komodo couldn't stay there long time. We'll probably face the similar trend once again, as SF6 looks stronger than SF5.

Starting from next round, Rapidroid switches to 10'+2" time control for all engines supporting it. Remaining ones will have to play gauntlets of 10 sec/move to reach the same number of games.

Ra Name                      op/s c  elo   +   - ga dra
01 Komodo 8                 And32 4 3180 118 106 30 27%
02 Stockfish 6              And32 4 3176 112 101 30 37%
03 Firenzina 2.4.1 xTreme   And32 4 3037  97  95 30 53%
04 Sting SF 4.7             And32 4 3034 112 106 28 32%
05 BlackMamba 2.0           And32 4 3002  95  95 30 60%
06 Critter 1.6a             And32 4 2977  96  98 30 50%
07 Texel 1.05               And32 4 2963  99 101 30 40%
08 Komodo32 3 AB            And32 1 2935 103 104 28 43%
09 cheng4 0.38              And32 4 2923 114 106 28 32%
10 RobboLito 0.085e4l       And32 1 2902 103 102 30 37%
11 DeepSaros 2.3f           And32 4 2889 109 104 28 32%
12 Arasan 17.5              And32 4 2819 108 107 28 25%
13 Senpai 1.0 JA            And32 4 2775 102 109 30 37%
14 Cyclone 3.4              And32 1 2757 103 111 30 37%
15 Deep Saros 0.9           And32 1 2727 116 113 28 21%
16 Gaviota v1.0-d           And32 4 2689 107 109 28 36%
17 Grapefruit 1.0           And32 4 2666 108 112 28 25%
18 Scorpio_2.7.7.JA_xb      And32 1 2657 139 116 26 23%
19 Hakkapeliitta 120115     And32 1 2641 109 105 28 25%
20 RedQueen 1.1.97          And32 4 2639 116 111 26 23%
21 Toga II 3.0              And32 1 2627 108 114 28 25%
22 DiscoCheck 5.2.1         And32 1 2617 112 110 28 14%
23 Rodent 1.6 b6            And32 1 2602 111 108 26 27%
24 IvanHoe 9.46b            And32 4 2597 110 115 28 25%
25 Crafty_24.1.JA_xb        And32 1 2561 120 114 24 21%
26 Deuterium v14.3.34.130   And32 1 2557 105 107 28 25%
27 Rhetoric 1.4.1           And32 1 2525 121 118 24 17%
28 GNU Chess 5.50           And32 1 2490 109 111 26 27%
29 Tucano_5.00.JA_xb        And32 1 2473 109 107 26 38%
30 Bison 15.1               And32 1 2435 145 163 14 29%
31 Alfil 12.10              And32 1 2429 113 114 26 19%
32 Daydreamer 1.75 JA       And32 1 2407 108 110 26 31%
33 Danasah_5.07.JA_xb       And32 1 2397 104 102 28 36%
34 Sloppy_0.23.JA_xb        And32 1 2375 106 106 28 25%
35 Rotor 0.8                And32 1 2372 119 131 24 17%
36 Dirty_030411.JA_xb       And32 1 2366 103 104 28 36%
37 Phalanx_XXIV.JA_xb       And32 1 2364 113 108 28 18%
38 BBChess 1.3b JA          And32 1 2363 117 133 26 12%
39 Natwarlal_0.14.JA_xb     And32 1 2340 123 116 24 17%
40 DanasahZ_0.4.JA_xb       And32 1 2327 108 109 26 31%
41 Pepito v1.59             And32 1 2321 109 114 28 14%
42 GreKo_12.5.JA_xb         And32 1 2315 107 107 28 21%
43 Typhoon_1.0.r358.JA_xb   And32 1 2310 111 109 26 27%
44 Simplex 0.9.8            And32 1 2303 122 115 26 08%
45 GarboChess 3             And32 1 2292 110 114 26 27%
46 BetsabeII_1.47.JA_xb     And32 1 2287 110 108 26 31%
47 Sungorus 1.4 JA          And32 1 2276 112 108 26 27%
48 TJchess 1.1U             And32 1 2267 109 109 24 33%
49 Rattate_Nosferatu.JA_xb  And32 1 2239 112 111 28 11%
50 Olithink_5.3.2.JA_xb     And32 1 2213 114 115 26 12%
51 Scidlet_2.61b2.JA_xb     And32 1 2207 117 113 26 15%
52 Amy_0.8.JA_xb            And32 1 2206 114 121 26 12%
53 Diablo 0.5.1b JA         And32 1 2190 107 110 28 21%
54 Myrddin_0.86.JA_xb       And32 1 2184 115 113 26 15%
55 Jazz 821_JA              And32 1 2161 109 110 24 38%
56 Resp_0.19.JA_xb          And32 1 2159 116 117 24 21%
57 CPW-Engine 1.1.11        And32 1 2151 116 112 24 29%
58 KmtChess_1.21.JA_xb      And32 1 2110 118 118 24 21%
59 Knightcap_3.7F.JA_xb     And32 1 2067 115 118 24 25%
60 BikJump v1.8 (32-bit)    And32 1 2060 116 113 24 29%
61 DanChess_1.04.JA_xb      And32 1 2059 115 132 28 07%
62 Robocide 281214.JA       And32 1 2041 129 116 28 14%
63 Faile_1.44.JA_xb         And32 1 2007 119 114 26 12%
64 Woodpecker_2.11.JA_xb    And32 1 2007 111 112 26 27%
65 AdroitChess0.4 JA        And32 1 1950 115 121 26 15%
66 ZCT-0.3.2500             And32 1 1947 122 130 24 04%
67 Witz_Alpha21.JA_xb       And32 1 1945 114 109 28 25%
68 Leonidas_r83.JA_xb       And32 1 1930 112 114 26 15%
69 Cilian_4.14.JA_xb        And32 1 1906 111 113 26 19%
70 Colchess_8.0.JA_xb       And32 1 1878 111 111 28 29%
71 SjaakII_beta5.JA_xb      And32 1 1842 120 119 24 21%
72 Sjeng_1.12.JA_xb         And32 1 1840 126 124 24 04%
73 Bismark_1.1              And32 1 1789 107 104 26 46%
74 Zzzzzz_3.5.1.JA_xb       And32 1 1690 110 115 26 31%
75 Rocinante 2.0 JA         And32 1 1689 119 117 24 25%
76 Jester_0.84.JA_xb        And32 1 1668 133 123 24 17%
77 Tscp_1.8.1.AB_xb         And32 1 1645 115 115 26 31%
78 Sayuri 2015.01.17        And32 4 1623 112 122 26 27%
79 Kitteneitor_060513.JA_xb And32 1 1619 112 115 24 42%
80 Pulse 1.5-cpp            And32 1 1570 111 110 24 50%
81 Chenard_2014.07.11.JA_xb And32 1 1560 119 127 26 19%
82 VIRUTOR CHESS 1.1.1      And32 1 1510 115 119 24 33%
83 Chess for Android        And32 1 1486 116 121 24 29%
84 OliveChess 0.2.7         And32 1 1071 187 147 24 00%
Rapidroid test platform:
* Samsung Galaxy Note II @ 1.7 Ghz x 4 cores + 256MB hash for SP & MP Android programs,
* Polypad 1010IPS tablet @ 1.61 Ghz x 2 cores + 128MB hash for SP Android programs,
* HTC Diamond @ 528Mhz to run Windows Mobile programs, with 16MB hash size,
* i7 M620 @ 2.67 Ghz + Arena 3.5 + 2GB HT to run Win64 programs
* iPod Touch 64G @ 600 Mhz to run IOS programs
* DosBox 1.74 to run DOS programs,
* WinVICE to run Commodore-64 programs,
* Messtiny UCI adapters or CB-Emu2014 used to emulate Mephisto programs,
* Own books disabled and replaced by 20 ply openings taken from Adam Hair's book,
* Openings selected for max variety, no queen exchange, between +0.15 and +0.40 at move 11,
* Openings played twice with both colors, whenever possible,
* Repeating openings and twin games not allowed between two programs
* Tablebases and pondering off
* Time control: 10 sec/move or 10'+2" or 15'/game or closest tc valid for both programs.

February 21, 2015

RAPIDROID RELOADED: First list to come tomorrow

At last, i can confirm the first release for tomorrow. I guess it will be a great sunday for me after so much struggle with a pile of new and updated engines.

RAPIDROID RELOADED will be featuring 83 Android engines. The first two rounds was only a fine-tuning of 1122 games, averaging 27 games per engine. It's a start over, so trustable accuracy won't yet be there but it will already give a rough idea.

In fact, 100 games per engine is the threshold where the numbers start to speak seriously. I'll trace that with graphs of the ELO trends by number of games played.

Have a nice saturday.

Android chess engines compatibility list: 2 of 3

Here's a second version of the compatibility summary based on my tests on Exynos 4412 and Rockchip 3066 processors.
137 engines are included so far. I will be surprised to see any engine forgotten here. I hope the info will be helpful for testers.
As always, any feedback is welcome and i remain ready 'n willing for deeper studies.
I must also mention that the list does not necessarily apply to i686 architecture.

Engine Pro Arch Fixed Fischer
Adroit 0.4.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Akkad 0.44b.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Alfil 12.10 uci arm5 Pass Pass
Amy 4.8 xb arm5 Pass Pass
Arasan 17.5.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
BBChess 1.3b uci arm5 Pass Pass
Beowulf 2.04a.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
Betsabe 1.47.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
BikJump 1.8 uci arm5 Pass Pass
BikJump 2.1P uci arm5 Pass Pass
Bismark 1.3.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Bison 9.11.JA uci arm5 Pass* Pass
Black Mamba 2.0 uci arm7 Pass* Pass
Bruja 1.9.1.JA xb arm5 Pass* Fail
Buzz 11-27-08.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
Buzz OS 1.0.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
Cassandre 0.26.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
CfA 5.0.2 CfA Java Pass Pass
Chenard 2014.07.11.JA xb arm5 Pass Pass
Cheng4 1.38.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Chess One 2.01.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
Chess Rikus 1.466.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
Cilian 4.14.JA xb arm5 Pass Pass
Cinnamon 1.2b ? arm5 Fail Fail
Colchess 8.0.JA xb arm5 Pass* Fail
Claudia 0.5beta.JA uci arm5 Fail Pass
CPW 1.1.11.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Crafty 24.1.JA xb arm5 Pass Pass
Critter 1.6a uci arm5 Pass Pass
Cyclone 3.4.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Dabbaba 7.49.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
Danasah 5.07.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
DanasahZ 0.4 xb arm5 Pass Fail
DanChess 1.04.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
Darky 0.5d xb arm5 Fail Fail
Daydreamer 1.75.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Deep Saros 2.3f.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Deuterium uci arm5 Pass Pass
Diablo 0.5.1b.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Dirty 030411.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
Discocheck 5.2.1.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Doch 1.3.4.JA uci arm5 Fail Pass
Exchess 7.51.beta.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
Faile 1.4.4.JA xb arm5 Pass Pass
FairyMax 48L.AB xb arm5 Fail Pass
Firenzina 2.4.1 Xtreme uci arm5 Pass Pass
Fruit Reloaded 2.1 uci arm5 Fail Pass
Garbochess 3.AB uci arm5 Pass Pass
Gaviota 1.0d uci arm7 Pass Pass
Ges 1.34.JA xb arm5 Fail Pass
Gfc 0.8.r5.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
Gk 0.90.JA xb arm5 Fail Pass
Glaurung Mainz.JA uci arm5 Fail Pass
Glaurung 2.2.JA uci arm5 Fail Pass
GNU 5.50 uci arm5 Pass Pass
GNU 6.0.2 uci arm5 Pass* Pass
Gödel 3.4.9 uci arm7 Fail Fail
Grapefruit 1.0.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
GreKo 12.5.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
Gullydeckel 2.15pl10.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
Hakkapeliita Dev 120115 2 uci arm5 Pass Pass
Ifrit m1.6.JA uci arm5 Fail Fail
Iota 1.0.AB uci arm5 Fail Fail
Ivanhoe 9.46h uci arm5 Pass Pass
Jazz 8.2.1.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Jester 0.84.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
Jfresh 0.1a.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
K2 0.71.JA uci arm5 Fail Pass
Kitteneitor 060513.JA xb arm5 Pass Pass
Kiwi 0.6d.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
Kmtchess 1.21.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
KnightCap 3.7F.JA xb arm5 Pass Pass
BeeKay 1028 uci arm5 Fail Pass
Komodo 8.1.6 uci arm7 Pass Pass
Leonidas r83.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
The Mad Prune 1.7.04.JA uci arm5 Fail Pass
Minace 1.0.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
Minimardi 1.0.AB xb arm5 Fail Fail
Minko 1.3.JA uci arm5 Fail Fail
Mizar 3.0.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
Morphy Chess 1.05.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
MsKcp 1.45.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
Myrddin 0.86.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
Napoleon 1.50.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
Natwarlal 0.14.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
Octochess r4984.JA uci arm5 Fail Pass
Olithink 5.3.2.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
Olivechess 0.2.7.JA uci arm5 Pass Fail
Pawny 0.3.1.JA uci arm5 Fail Fail
Pepito 1.59.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Phalanx XXIV.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
PulseChess 1.5.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Purple Haze 2.10.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
RattateChess Nosferatu.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
RedQueen 1.1.97.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Resp 0.19.JA xb arm5 Pass Pass
Rhetoric 1.4.1 uci arm5 Pass Pass
RobboLito 0.085e4l uci arm5 Pass Pass
Robocide 28.12.14.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Rocinante 2.0.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Rodent 1.6.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Romichess p3k.JA xb arm5 Fail Pass
Rotor 0.8.AB uci arm5 Pass Pass
Sayuri 20150107.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Scidlet 2.6.1b2.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
Scorpio 2.7.7.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
Senpai 1.0.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Simplex 0.9.8.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Sissa 2.0.JA uci arm5 Fail Fail
Sjaak II beta5.JA xb arm5 Pass Pass
Sjeng 1.12.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
Sloppy 0.23 xb arm5 Pass Fail
Smaug 2.2.1 uci arm5 Fail Fail
Sting 4.7 uci arm5 Pass Pass
Stockfish 6.0.OR uci arm5 Pass Pass
Suff 0.3a.JA ? arm5 Fail Fail
Sungorus 1.4.JA uci arm5 Pass Fail
Surprise 4.3.b13.JA xb arm5 Fail Pass
Texel 1.05 uci arm7 Pass Pass
TJchess 1.1U.AB uci arm5 Pass Pass
Toga II 3.0.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Toledo Nanochess 2010.JA xb arm5 Fail Pass
TSCP 1.8.1.AB xb arm5 Pass Fail
Tucano 1.04.AB xb arm5 Pass Fail
Typhoon 1.0.r358.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
Umko 1.2 uci arm5 Fail Fail
µMax 4.8W xb arm5 Fail Pass
Viper 0.1.JA uci arm5 Fail Fail
Virutor 1.1.1.AB uci arm5 Pass Pass
Wing 1.3.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
Witz Alpha21.JA xb arm5 Pass Pass
Woodpecker 2.11.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
Xadreco 5.7.JA xb arm5 Fail Pass
Xpdnt 091007.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
ZCT 0.3.2500.AB uci arm5 Pass Pass
Zzzzzz 3.5.1 xb arm5 Pass Fail

Pass* = Plays fine but may exit games claiming wins or draws on its own. These engines may interrupt tournaments and require all terminations to be checked.