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February 14, 2015

Android XB engine update: Danasah 5.07.JA

Latest available version of Danasah was 5.06. Now, we have 5.07 from 2013 coming in, again compiled by Jim Ablett for Android. We must consider Danssah and DanasahZ "different engines" as per the statement of the author, given that DanasahZ is targeting a more human-like style of play. However, in pratice, i hadn't seen any remarkable ELO gap between two engines. My opinion is based on previous Bilitzoid experiment only.

Furthermore, my RAPIDROID experiment used to include DanasahZ and not Danasah. Now, i think it won't be harmful to add Danasah main engine too, in condition that it proves to be eligible for automated tournaments.

What i need is engines able to play until checkmate without interruption, using fixed time per move under Chess for Android. Nothing more!

For your info, some ELO ratings of Danasah in various rankings:
DanasahZ Android: 2367 on RAPIDRIOD and 2319 on BLITZOID
Danasah 5.06 Android: 2295 on BLITZOID
Danasah 5.06 Windows: 2515 on CCRL 40/40
Danasah 5.07 Windows: 2560 on CCRL 40/40

Interested in giving a try on Danasah? Download it: HERE

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