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February 21, 2015

Android chess engines compatibility list: 2 of 3

Here's a second version of the compatibility summary based on my tests on Exynos 4412 and Rockchip 3066 processors.
137 engines are included so far. I will be surprised to see any engine forgotten here. I hope the info will be helpful for testers.
As always, any feedback is welcome and i remain ready 'n willing for deeper studies.
I must also mention that the list does not necessarily apply to i686 architecture.

Engine Pro Arch Fixed Fischer
Adroit 0.4.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Akkad 0.44b.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Alfil 12.10 uci arm5 Pass Pass
Amy 4.8 xb arm5 Pass Pass
Arasan 17.5.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
BBChess 1.3b uci arm5 Pass Pass
Beowulf 2.04a.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
Betsabe 1.47.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
BikJump 1.8 uci arm5 Pass Pass
BikJump 2.1P uci arm5 Pass Pass
Bismark 1.3.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Bison 9.11.JA uci arm5 Pass* Pass
Black Mamba 2.0 uci arm7 Pass* Pass
Bruja 1.9.1.JA xb arm5 Pass* Fail
Buzz 11-27-08.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
Buzz OS 1.0.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
Cassandre 0.26.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
CfA 5.0.2 CfA Java Pass Pass
Chenard 2014.07.11.JA xb arm5 Pass Pass
Cheng4 1.38.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Chess One 2.01.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
Chess Rikus 1.466.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
Cilian 4.14.JA xb arm5 Pass Pass
Cinnamon 1.2b ? arm5 Fail Fail
Colchess 8.0.JA xb arm5 Pass* Fail
Claudia 0.5beta.JA uci arm5 Fail Pass
CPW 1.1.11.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Crafty 24.1.JA xb arm5 Pass Pass
Critter 1.6a uci arm5 Pass Pass
Cyclone 3.4.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Dabbaba 7.49.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
Danasah 5.07.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
DanasahZ 0.4 xb arm5 Pass Fail
DanChess 1.04.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
Darky 0.5d xb arm5 Fail Fail
Daydreamer 1.75.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Deep Saros 2.3f.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Deuterium uci arm5 Pass Pass
Diablo 0.5.1b.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Dirty 030411.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
Discocheck 5.2.1.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Doch 1.3.4.JA uci arm5 Fail Pass
Exchess 7.51.beta.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
Faile 1.4.4.JA xb arm5 Pass Pass
FairyMax 48L.AB xb arm5 Fail Pass
Firenzina 2.4.1 Xtreme uci arm5 Pass Pass
Fruit Reloaded 2.1 uci arm5 Fail Pass
Garbochess 3.AB uci arm5 Pass Pass
Gaviota 1.0d uci arm7 Pass Pass
Ges 1.34.JA xb arm5 Fail Pass
Gfc 0.8.r5.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
Gk 0.90.JA xb arm5 Fail Pass
Glaurung Mainz.JA uci arm5 Fail Pass
Glaurung 2.2.JA uci arm5 Fail Pass
GNU 5.50 uci arm5 Pass Pass
GNU 6.0.2 uci arm5 Pass* Pass
Gödel 3.4.9 uci arm7 Fail Fail
Grapefruit 1.0.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
GreKo 12.5.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
Gullydeckel 2.15pl10.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
Hakkapeliita Dev 120115 2 uci arm5 Pass Pass
Ifrit m1.6.JA uci arm5 Fail Fail
Iota 1.0.AB uci arm5 Fail Fail
Ivanhoe 9.46h uci arm5 Pass Pass
Jazz 8.2.1.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Jester 0.84.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
Jfresh 0.1a.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
K2 0.71.JA uci arm5 Fail Pass
Kitteneitor 060513.JA xb arm5 Pass Pass
Kiwi 0.6d.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
Kmtchess 1.21.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
KnightCap 3.7F.JA xb arm5 Pass Pass
BeeKay 1028 uci arm5 Fail Pass
Komodo 8.1.6 uci arm7 Pass Pass
Leonidas r83.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
The Mad Prune 1.7.04.JA uci arm5 Fail Pass
Minace 1.0.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
Minimardi 1.0.AB xb arm5 Fail Fail
Minko 1.3.JA uci arm5 Fail Fail
Mizar 3.0.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
Morphy Chess 1.05.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
MsKcp 1.45.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
Myrddin 0.86.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
Napoleon 1.50.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
Natwarlal 0.14.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
Octochess r4984.JA uci arm5 Fail Pass
Olithink 5.3.2.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
Olivechess 0.2.7.JA uci arm5 Pass Fail
Pawny 0.3.1.JA uci arm5 Fail Fail
Pepito 1.59.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Phalanx XXIV.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
PulseChess 1.5.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Purple Haze 2.10.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
RattateChess Nosferatu.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
RedQueen 1.1.97.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Resp 0.19.JA xb arm5 Pass Pass
Rhetoric 1.4.1 uci arm5 Pass Pass
RobboLito 0.085e4l uci arm5 Pass Pass
Robocide 28.12.14.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Rocinante 2.0.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Rodent 1.6.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Romichess p3k.JA xb arm5 Fail Pass
Rotor 0.8.AB uci arm5 Pass Pass
Sayuri 20150107.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Scidlet 2.6.1b2.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
Scorpio 2.7.7.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
Senpai 1.0.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Simplex 0.9.8.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Sissa 2.0.JA uci arm5 Fail Fail
Sjaak II beta5.JA xb arm5 Pass Pass
Sjeng 1.12.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
Sloppy 0.23 xb arm5 Pass Fail
Smaug 2.2.1 uci arm5 Fail Fail
Sting 4.7 uci arm5 Pass Pass
Stockfish 6.0.OR uci arm5 Pass Pass
Suff 0.3a.JA ? arm5 Fail Fail
Sungorus 1.4.JA uci arm5 Pass Fail
Surprise 4.3.b13.JA xb arm5 Fail Pass
Texel 1.05 uci arm7 Pass Pass
TJchess 1.1U.AB uci arm5 Pass Pass
Toga II 3.0.JA uci arm5 Pass Pass
Toledo Nanochess 2010.JA xb arm5 Fail Pass
TSCP 1.8.1.AB xb arm5 Pass Fail
Tucano 1.04.AB xb arm5 Pass Fail
Typhoon 1.0.r358.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
Umko 1.2 uci arm5 Fail Fail
µMax 4.8W xb arm5 Fail Pass
Viper 0.1.JA uci arm5 Fail Fail
Virutor 1.1.1.AB uci arm5 Pass Pass
Wing 1.3.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
Witz Alpha21.JA xb arm5 Pass Pass
Woodpecker 2.11.JA xb arm5 Pass Fail
Xadreco 5.7.JA xb arm5 Fail Pass
Xpdnt 091007.JA xb arm5 Fail Fail
ZCT 0.3.2500.AB uci arm5 Pass Pass
Zzzzzz 3.5.1 xb arm5 Pass Fail

Pass* = Plays fine but may exit games claiming wins or draws on its own. These engines may interrupt tournaments and require all terminations to be checked.

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