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February 26, 2015

A brief summary of Android chess engines

Here's what i've collected so far, summarized in an EXCEL SHEET. You may use this as a guide to your own usage. All comments and remarks are welcome in case you find out something i must correct. Just post them here.

The document is a living one, subject to daily updates by definiton. The new compiles were raining so fast this year that i've barely coped with updates on the list. Even this version has some white rows, meaning that there's something new added recently and its compatibility remains to be tested.

The engines on green rows work fine with fixed time per move as well as Fischer clock (minutes per game + increment per move), while the yellow ones are not compatible with both settings but one of them is still ok.

The orange rows point to the engines with whom none of above time setting work without issues. Some are still ok for human-machine games but they won't work with engine tournaments at all.

By default, only the latest version of an engine is taken into consideration in the list. A few exceptions are some earlier versions which perform better (ie. BikJump) or version which are still in comparison state (ie Glaurung).

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