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February 25, 2015

Deep Fritz now available for Android

It's good news to see the legendary Deep Fritz coming to Android at last. Chessbase started to bundle the long awaited engine with their Chessbase for Android app. They claim it's useable as an analysis tool like Komodo and other compatible UCI engines.

I don't know yet whether we can import it to Chess for Android for engine tournaments the way we used to do with Komodo 8. If yes, it could be an option to buy the app, depending on the cost, as usual, natürlich!

Almost all chess freaks know Deep Fritz, formerly released as Fritz, very well. So i won't repeat that it was one of the top engines for years, from late 90s until the era where open source engines started to gain popularity and made life difficult for commercial chess.

Further info: ChessBase page

Buy and download: Google Play

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