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February 11, 2015

New Android UCI engine: Glaurung 2.2.JA

I'd previously forwarded Glaurung Mainz compiled by Jim Ablett a while ago. Now, there's another version 2.2 coming on stage for us, retro freaks.

Remember again, Glaurung is one of the ancestors of the mighty topper Stockfish. It used to be one of the strongest engines of its era. Even today, it can cause big trouble to many recent engines. The proof is in CCRL rating of Glaurung 2.2 as compiled for 64bit, using 4 CPUs on a PC, which is an astonishing 2903 ELO, high enough for a free engine released 7 years ago.

I'm more than curious to check out whether i can include Glaurung in Rapidroid experiement which i currently restarted from scratch one week ago. Unfortunately, previous Mainz compile required the use of fischer clocks to which i'm not yet committed due to many new engines i have to deal with.

For the moment, i decided to avoid mixing issues and to keep fixed 10 secs per move as basic setting of the experiment for a while, in order to ensure full control of such severely modified engine population. In case Glaurung 2.2 is not compatible with fixed time per move, i'll have to delay necessary gauntlets.

Download Glaurung 2.2: HERE

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