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February 15, 2015

Android XB engine update: Natwarlal 0.14.JA

Jim Ablett has just released a new build of Natwarlal, a moderate engine i've been using since long ago in my tournaments.

Having noticed JA's comment stating fixes on wb level time control, i quickly checked some RAPIDROID games recorded so far. It seems the previous build plays fine with 10 sec/move setting and uses the exact allotted time.

I don't clearly see any problem to remedy but i must admit Natwarlal had exit a few games in the past rounds, forcing me to restart the same games from the last position, in order to force Natwarlal to play until checkmate. Anyway, that case occurred rarely and didn't upset me at all.

Then if you use Natwarlal, it's up to you to decide whether switching to the new build is necessary or not. Try and see: HERE

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