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February 8, 2015

New Android XB engine: Faile 1.4.4.JA

Woa! Here's another time tunnel to relatively early stages of computer chess. This time we're supposed to go back to 2001 and get Faile, a very old abandoned engine by Adrien Regimbald and come back to Android with Jim Ablett's compile to plug it into Chess for Android, for another battle with time control and termination problems.

No, of course i'm not yet serious before doing any test. It's just a little doubt by default about old open source. In fact, i'll be very glad to have in stock another retro engine if it runs flawlessly.

Although very old, Faile still survives in CCRL rating list and retains 1978 ELO on a PC. Now, it's up to curious testers to see if it can hit 1800 barrier on Android.

Download Faile: HERE

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