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February 1, 2015

New Android UCI engine: Kiwi 0.6d.JA

Kiwi is an abandoned engine project by Alessandro Scotti from Italy. It is rated around 2300 ELO by CCRL. On Android, it should be 2100 something. Another retro piece to add into your collection. Thanks again to Jim Ablett for compiling.

Download Kiwi: HERE

There are bitbases files bundled with the engine. I'm not sure they work under Android. I didn't yet face any tablebases working with an XB engine but you may give a try if you wish.

PS: I've just played two test games at 5 sec/move. It hangs at very low scores, close to get checkmated. I think it wants to resign but the GUI can't interpret. It's too bad for the tournaments because the next game can't start.

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