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February 14, 2015

Chess for Android 5.0.5 is out

Another nice update of Chess for Android is released yesterday on Google Play. The new version 5.0.5 comes with gauntlet option for tournaments and some more improvements related to engine management.

Download from Google Play and enjoy: HERE


egg said...

Can you help me to install syzygy tables base in chess for android (Aart Bik).
sgs5 Komodo 9.3
I have tried but K9.3 does'nt recognized syzygy.
Eric Ghersengorin

Unknown said...

I don't use tablebases on Android but i can still remind that Komodo 8 release notes were stating that Syzygy is not supported with Chess for Android.
Since v8 up to 9.3, i didn't read anything different from Komodo team. Probably the same clause still persists.
If you can run Syzygy via Droidfish and not via CfA, that mean you don't have the solution yet.
Did you try Droidfish with Komodo? And also did you try Stockfish with CfA?
Where do you copy the tablebases? External SD or internal memory?