"It just isn't conceivable that you can design a program strong enough to beat players like me."

February 23, 2015

New Android UCI engine: Gull 1.2.JA

Gull is for me, the #4 engine worldwide. It's written by Vadim Demichev from Russia and it became very popular during last two TCEC competitions thanks to convincing victories versus the strongest engines, mainly Stockfish.

The latest Gull 3 hits 3100 ELO on a modern PC. That said, only three musketeers Komodo, Stockfish and Houdini are known to surpass the strength of Gull. Some may object this statement and deduct Houdini from the three, though.

I highly appreciate the arrival of Gull to Android platform. It was long awaited by many fans. If it's not the latest version being provided, there's nothing to worry too much. V1.2 is no bad player either.

CCRL list shows clearly the difference between versions of Gull such as:
v3 64 bit 4 CPU: 3197
v3 64 bit 1 CPU: 3125
v1.2 64 bit 1 CPU: 2927
v1.2 32 bit 1 CPU: 2875
Android v1.2 32 bit: Let's estimate 2700

PS on 9-Mar-15: I wonder why Jim Ablett has preferred to compile v1.2 while v3 source code is included in the download package at soundforge page. Because it's C and not C++? No idea yet.

Download and enjoy Gull: HERE


Anonymous said...

I believe Gull up to version 3 is an open source - at least source was released to the internet for 2.8 beta and 3.0 versions.

Anonymous said...

I meant sources were released to the internet by author of the Gull. And 3.0 version (or just v3) is the latest at the time of writing.

Unknown said...

I've checked out the full history of Gull as per your kind remark. Yes, 3 is the final one today and the source code is included. R600 which played at TCEC was private and leaked. I must modify my text. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

When will it be available the Gull 3 Android version?.
I will test just now the 1.2 version on my octa-core handheld devices.
I have been looking for the Android Gull version, and this was a fantastic and pleasant discover.
Keep us informed , please.
Thank you very much in advance.


Unknown said...

Probably we will never have Gull 3 for Android, although the source code is available. Gull 3 is part of the engines with source code never compiled for Android. Jim Ablett has already answered about these saying that he could not get them running.
Gull 1.2 is attractive with the name but unfortunately that's all.
It plays much weaker than v3 and is considered to be an early development stage where there were few original ideas from its author and too much inspiration from other engines.