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February 2, 2015

Android XB engine update: Buzz OS 1.0.JA

Though, we had an old compile of Buzz, named as 112708, it had some flaws using time control. Regarding fixed time control, it played quite well expect for occasional abnormal exits. Therefore, it was an engine i never included in my experiments.

After the release of Chess for Android with time controls, i've tested it again and found out it can be used at least in tournaments at 15 sec/move, such as RAPIDROID. Fischer clock still fails.

This new compile by Jim Ablett is named OS 1.0. Remains to be tested for better compatibility. After all, it's an abandoned engine and i guess it will play around 2100 ELO on Android.

Download the new compile: HERE


AAR said...

Download links to your engine repository (changed) not working at all...Thx AR

Unknown said...

Repository is at:
Buzz is at:
I already see 3 downloads of Buzz. One is from me, to verify it. It looks ok. Please check for you and let me know.