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March 18, 2014

New UCI engine for Android: Senpai 1.0 by Fabien Letouzey

Senpai is a brand new engine from the developer of famous Fruit and Toga engines. Good news is that an Android version is not forgotten. And this made me happy.

After very quick initial tests, the engine is qualified for engine to engine tournaments under Chess for Android.

Importing into gui: OK
Tournament mode: OK
Time control 1/1": OK
Time control 1/5": OK
Resigns: No
Own book: No
Tablebase support: No
Multicore support: Yes

I expect it will be rated around 2650-2700 on Galaxy Note 2. Test games to follow in order to confirm.

Download: http://www.chessprogramming.net/senpai

Another engine Fruit Reloaded can also be found on the same link above without Android compile.

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