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February 29, 2016

Worked hard enough...Back to 64 squares

It took longer than expected for me to get back to what i enjoy from what i must accomplish to ensure the conditions necessary for spending more time doing what i enjoy.

I read again what i just wrote above and it's hard to understand even for the author of the sentence...

Let me try to express in a shorter way: I was too busy at work!

Now that i can (or i believe i can) breathe a little bit and keep on sharing new stuff, i must first confess that it's extremely hard to find a good balance between the possibilities offered by a loaded professional life and the precious amount of time it steals from the remaining part that you always wanna keep enjoyable, fruitful, as pleasant as possible.

I read once again what i just wrote above. If once again, it's hard to understand, nevermind!

I'd better keep posting things one could understand better.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back man, you're doing a great work here. I feel really bad when there's nothing new to read on the site :) Keep it up.