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March 1, 2016

Android UCI engine update: Stockfish dev't 2016-02-28

Stockfish development versions are systematically compiled whenever a patch or correction is approved and introduced. Sometimes many versions come out even in a single day, like in the case of February,28th where four different builds have been released.

Jim Ablett has just released the latest of them, identifiable with below description and also with commit number c13052f.

Author: ElbertoOne
Date: Sun Feb 28 13:40:47 2016 +0000
Timestamp: 1456666847
Clean up depth reduction calculation
Might also be a slight speed up
No functional change
Resolves #593

Testing this release is not in my scope for the moment but i'm sure many fans would be interested in giving a try with the latest development version.

Download Stockfish 2016-02-28 for arm5: HERE
Download Stockfish 2016-02-28 for arm7: HERE


Ron said...

Thx for all the new content.
I only wish there was adaptor for use xb engines in droidfish.
I personally like the looks & interface droidfish so much more over CFA.
Keep on the good work.


Unknown said...

Yes indeed. We have uci2xb via polyglot but not vice versa unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Seems like this compiled dev version is weaker than SF7 JA. At least in my tests.

Unknown said...

According to my tests it is weaker than stockfish 7 P. O. although supposed to be stronger.

Anonymous said...

I think the problem is SF is not maintained to be stronger on Android. The SF testing framework is meant to run on PC's or Mac's machines only, and all we're having are compiles by Jim Ablett or Peter Osterlund, but some of builds are just "lost in translation", so they are not gaining ELO as on PC. Seems like SF7 JA/PO is still the strongest engines available for Android.

Anonymous said...

Is there an arm 8 version?

Unknown said...

Only in Droidfish. Jim Ablett compiles for 32 bit only.

Unknown said...

I think this is a strong compile...plays more positionally aggressive and king safety than SF 7.

Unknown said...

Nathanael, i don't have yet a clear outcome. Head-to-head vs SF7 with Tcec-7 opgs after 612 games gave clear equality at 4,5 times faster tc than Rapidroid. The margin seems low so it needs more opponents to conclude. Of course, that's only my case.