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February 14, 2017

CEPA 0.5.3 by Javiolo

Javier choosed to release engine binaries in separate apps designed to comply with the OEX format. Therefore, the latest release of CEPA is featuring several improvements on the main GUI features but don't expect anything about engine builds. He's recommending the installation of the Stockfish engine through the OEX installer that he updates regularly.

I think such procedure is quite logical and effective.

WHAT'S NEW (v0.5.3 of 3-Feb-17)
- Change Engines, Oex Engines and Analysis Revised
- Support Android 7
- Sound and Increment to probe no free
- fixed bug Android 2.2 Froyo
- fixed other bugs and corrections
See new price
Please update SF to 20170121 release work fine with analysis
Other Stockfish derivatives:

You can get the latest CEPA from GOOGLE PLAY.

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