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October 8, 2017

Stockfish derivatives by Javiolo: Other Fish 20170930 (32-bit only)

Javier's upodated engine pack comes with eight strong Stockfish derivatives: Aristides, Brainfish, Cfish, CiChess, Corchess, McBrain, Nayeem, SugaR are included in the app.

Please note that they are not OEX, so you need to use them with CEPA GUI by the same author.

WHAT'S NEW (30-Sep-2017):
Engines included NEW Release: (v20170930) they are master branch
Aristides 20170811 Michael Byrne
BrainFish 20170923 Thomas Zipproth, support Cerebellum book
Cfish 20170920 ChessMan3, fast engine
CiChess 20170923 ChessMan3
Corchess 20170922 I. Ivec
McBrain 20170902 Michael Byrne, support Limit_Strength (ELO) and Cerebellum book
Nayeem 20170115 Mohamed Nayeem, support Cerebellum book
SugaR is the same, new armv8 will be v1.3
SugaR 20170726 Marco Zerbinati, support Cerebellum book

* Api min 16 (4.1 Jelly Bean)
* For 64 bits engines see:
* For old devices install Stockfish nopie app
* There may be problems with chessbase
* These engines are on github

Download and install Other Fish app from GOOGLE PLAY.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for update! There is also a new Laser update, namely Laser
20170215 from Javiolo Active chess engines app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.packs.activechessenginespack