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September 2, 2014

Looking for more kNps with Snapdragon 600: Mission fails!

LG's G2 tablet incorporates a Snapdragon 600 CPU clocked @ 1.7 Ghz. It's not a recent tablet for sure and was commercialized since almost one year.

I feel sorry for my late news because i, just had the opportunity to test this one with Droidfish and Stockfish 5 in the same electronics store.

Snapdragon 600 has 4 cores x 1.7Ghz but very surprisingly it performs much worse compared to Samsung Galaxy Note II with Exynos 4412.

Aritmetics fail here because 1.7 Ghz x 4 cores clearly below 1.6 x 4 cores.

I ran the same test of chess analysis under Droidfish for one minute from intitial position. The result is awful only 439 kNps with LG vs 700 kNps of my Galaxy Note II.

Goodbye LG... Goodbye Snapdragon 1.7 quad core... Goodbye x 4...

Therefore, my latest results with Stockfish 5 are:
Asus Memo Pad with Intel 3745 @ 4x1.33: 747 kNps
Galaxy N7100 with Exynos 4412 @ 4x1.6: 700 kNps
LG G pad with SD600 @ 4x1.7: 439 kNps

Waiting for Intel 3785 now...

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