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September 7, 2014

New Android engine: KOMODO 8 released

Gets to your King slowly and patiently...

Feeling great to see the latest version of Komodo released for Android as well. It's not free but at that attractive price i see no reason to decline the offer.

Search for Komodo Chess in Google Play or use this link to buy it:

Now i can't wait to introduce Komodo 8 in my RAPIDROID project and see how much headache will it cause to top Android engines like Stockfish, Critter and Firenzina.

Meanwhile, it must be notified that due to the method implemented to copy-protect it, it's not possible to take Komodo, put it somewhere on your internal memory or sd card and use it under another GUI (ex: Droidfish). Only the 3 GUIs specified by the developer, Chessbase, Chess for Android (hopefully, for tournament mode!) and PGN Master can import Komodo.

You don't even install it in these GUIs, Komodo engine, during its setup, adds everything necessary into the registry lines of the GUIs. At least, that's what i've observed clearly with Chess for Android.


Aart Bik said...

Applications like Chess for Android and Chess for Glass recognize the Android Chessbase compatible format, which is why engines in that format are directly available for import (they don't "register" themselves into the app per se).

Unknown said...

Hi Aart,
As per your remark i've repeated the whole process to better understand.
I'd supposed Komodo is modifying engs.xml under com.google.android.chess/shared.prefs. In fact, Chess for Android does that once the user chooses "import engine", given that there's a file write permission.
After Komodo8 installation, the engine name appears at the bottom of the list.
All other findings are valid. No installation necessary by the GUI's and no licenced standalone apk installation, even if it's purchased, installed, uninstalled and reinstalled from sctratch, without internet access.
The only way to have Komodo8 working, in case of uninstallation, is to reload it via GooglePlay for the licence checking to be done and a small file is then added under com.komodochess.komodo. It's checked at each engine start with or without internet.

Aart Bik said...

The difference is subtle. Chess for Android finds Komodo (and other engines in that format), not the other way around. But the important thing is that the format simplifies installing engines, no more copying to SD-CARD and doing the one time install for every new engine.

Unknown said...

Now is there such a problem: after upgrading from 4.4.4 to KitKat lolipop 5.0.2 can not run Critter 1.6a or Komodo 8. Each of these engines will not start in any program (GUI) on the Android platform (aka CfA, Chessbase Online, PGN Chess Viewer, Droidfish SCID everything. PC. Just bad luck. Critter 1.6a free download at vlasak.biz. Nothing works !!! Komodo 8 download as komodo 8-android (1,496,252 bits. from "non-commercial" websites. Does anyone know Solutions to this problem?
MD5 48990f20e04368b8ef0f4e76b08d3e08 (Komodo 8)
SHA1: 892ac88570829d3375ba837918360fe5d196e8e2 (Komodo 8).

Unknown said...

Lollipop is a headache here. Most engines must be recompiled with -nopie option to work. The reason is the new safety policy of lollipop.
Regarding Komodo, i don't think it's available as standalone download. It's commercial and purchase proof is checked by the engine via googleplay. If İt's not verified, it won't work.
Verdict: you wanna keep all engines working, you better keep kitkat!