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October 11, 2014

Android UCI engine update: Texel 1.05a8

I was wondering whether Peter Ă–sterlund has released the latest version 1.05a8 of his strong engine Texel. This is the version playing in TCEC Season-7 and before the tournament started i was not aware of an update.

Although i was thinking it's a TCEC version which would be released after the tournament, i've seen a link in one of the chatroom messages of TCEC.

I instantly took a look at link. Yep, it was not the GooglePlay site but that page forwarded me to the market, where i found the released package.

The package is coming in a different self-installing app format that needs a little manipulation to extract the engine file from. I tried to import it to Chess for Android and verified it works correctly. Hooray!

To download the self-installing package, you may visit the official page at GooglePlay.

In case you need the engine binary file, you may download it from my ANDROID ENGINES COLLECTION.

Complementary info on Oct, 13th: I currently replay all Texel 1.04 games to replace it with 1.05a8 in my RAPIDROID list. Due to 30 sec/move time control and ~80 moves/game, the experiment needs time to reveal something trustable. I hope to release an overall update based on 60-70 games only per engine during next week.

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