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October 16, 2014

Android UCI engine update: Stockfish 121014 dev't version

For all who wish to use the development version of Stockfish engine under a GUI other than Droidfish, i've uploaded several binaries to the collection.

Depending on your Android device, choose from below links to download:
ARM-V5 devices
ARM-V7 devices
i686 devices (Intel Atom only)

Remember that Intel devices will not refuse to run Arm versions, at least Arm5. However, they must be avoided when i686 versions are available because of poor performance down to 30%, due to translation of Arm instructions to Intel ones by the cpu. It's exactly an emulation that chess doesn't like :-)

To access the entire Android engines collection, use: THIS LINK

Previous versions of Stockfish are also in that archive, in different CPU versions.

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