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November 7, 2014

Chess for Android 4.5.1

I feel happy to start using the new version of my favorite GUI Chess for Android, developed by Aart J. Bik. It's good to see him not giving up a wonderful project.

Be it not cosmetic enough to convince casual chess beginners unable to recognize en-passant capture is not a bug, i usually care about functions before the look. This app is 10 stars for me, even though i can fill pages with a list of missing options. For sure, additional feature requests never end but what counts here is the options that no other app, even in paid version, is providing.

- Import and use Xboard engines,
- Conduct engine to engine tournaments.

The new 4.5.1 version doesn't introduce major changes. In the menu there are voice localizations (i never use the option) and minor UCI engine management improvements like log files cleaning tool.

Anyways, i didn't hesistate to look for trouble and i've installed it. So far, so good for my neverending engine tournaments.

The standard version is available at GOOGLE PLAYSTORE

For the version with remote PC connection you should go to AART'S OWN PAGE. This version is even more interesting for its ability to drive a UCI engine installed on your PC exactly the same way as it resides in your Android device, with the help of an interfacing tool (details in Aart's blog). This is like importing a engine from your PC into your tablet. Therefore, it's a great opportunity to have Android engines playing with their PC rivals.

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