"It just isn't conceivable that you can design a program strong enough to beat players like me."

November 16, 2014

Man vs Machine: Cooperation takes over competition

Where have gone the good times when humans could quickly (b)eat machines on chessboards?

Who could foresee the day when no GM would be interested (dare?) to challenge a synthetic monster?

(Un)fortunately, human power is severely outplayed by human-made binaries since long ago. Today, chess engines are considered to play stronger than humans. Anyone disagrees?

Then what is the next step? A cooperation? Sound logical the same way you'd better drive a car instead of failing to overtake it. 

But of course, the taste of a nice walk is something different to preserve. It's emotional, healtier, natural, more socializing, less thrilling, authentic. Similarly, we may expect human chess will survive forever no matter how stronger machines will play.

On another track, i can't keep myself from dreaming about Formula-1 type of chess competitions where GMs, wearing pilot helmets, will drive their custom tailored engines to outperform their rivals.
 Levon Aronian searching for the bad move just after losing an important game 

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