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June 6, 2015

All openings of TCEC-7 for testers

It's been a while since i'd posted the openings of TCEC-6 here, expecting to repeat the same sweaty work on TCEC-7. Four months later, i had the opportunity to jump into the huge pgn database of that tournament to trim and simplify it, to bring out an opening book in PGN format.

This time i had more support from Excel and it took hours instead of days.

Although we won't see a TCEC-8 due to Martin Thoresen's job change and recent professional occupation taking away all the time needed for a serious tournament, opening book lovers can find some kind of alternative enjoyment using this book for their tournaments or tests.

As expressed before, i guess there is no harm in sharing this work as per previous statements of the editor of these openings, Nelson "Cato the Younger" Hernandez in chatwing during TCEC-6 and i'm ready to remove the link if he's not ok.

I only tested it under Arena for Windows. Don't hesitate to leave a comment here to notify me about any incompatibilty problem with other GUI's.

The file contains 306 openings in order of appearance without duplicates. The white tag contains the ECO code and the short name of the variation and the Black tag contains all the moves in shortest possible format. The idea is to make these visible in any gui and let the user choose the opening quicker and easier.

Download and plug in the openings: HERE


Anonymous said...

Please, openings of (TCEC 8) for testers, Thanks.

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