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May 31, 2015

Stockomodos: 6 x Stockfish against 5 x Komodo // PART-II

Yep. That becomes much fun with further rounds played. I'm glad to see 11 different versions find their rank more and more accurately.

Compared to the first version posted here, i've added Stockfish DD but couldn't do the same with Komodo 3. This version doesn't work with Rockchip 3188 in contrast to Exynos 4412. I don't know the reason of this. Both processors are quad core and both compiles are arm7 but no way. Therefore the tourney contained 11 engines.

I've just finished the 6th opening of TCEC-6 to reach 120 games per engine. Below chart is based on manual ELO calculation, not Elostat or Bayes. Four engines are currently rated in Rapidroid, so i use them as anchors to calculate the others.

The results are already speaking given that all versions follow the logical chronological progress. Thay are telling that Komodo 9 has a great jump forward but it seems it's still not enough to catch up Stockfish 6.

I see why as per my experience with Android compiles:
* Android compile of Stockfish is close to perfect, better than Komodo's.
* Komodo is somehow vulnerable vs Stockfish compared to other engines. Proof is that Stockfish 6 is more successful to its anchestors than Komodo. I think in an experiment open to various other engines, Komodo would have more chances to overtake Stockfish. For example in Rapidroid!
* Komodo is known to perform better with more threads and longer time control. My experiment is based on 15'+2" on a RK3188 which is equivalent to 10'+2" on an Exynos running at 1.5GHz only.

I want to continue some (!) more rounds to reach 300 games per engine and will decide to stop it or not later on.

For the moment, here is the status on Android as shown below. The difference column shows how the engines performed so far vs their Rapidroid ELO. And the last column shows the ELO they reached in this closed tourney. Finally, blue cells indicate the estimated ELOs of previous versions not included in Rapidroid anymore.

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