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May 8, 2015

RAPIDROID: May-2015 list to be released on May 19th

Too much delay... paying back many improvements:
* Engines causing interruption of the tourneys are elliminated.
* Engines terminating games early without reason are considered as buggy and elliminated.
* All previous games played with fixed time per move are replaced by Fischer clocked games.
* All previous games played at 10 sec/move are replaced by 15 sec/move.
* All bad pairings reducing accuracy are replaced by better paired groups

I have now around 1800 games after 2 rounds vs 3300 games after 4 rounds. One would think it's stupid to re-reload everything but the improvement speaks with numbers: Average scores variation and number of games variation are both better than before with almost half of the games played. That means the list develops "much quicker".

With 5 devices running full, the theoritical speed of the experiment is 3600 / (65 moves * 2 plies * 15 seconds) = 9,2 games / hour which is still not sky high but i won't lower 15 seconds anyway. With the best of the luck, it's possible to reach 9.2 * 50% efficiency * 24  = 110 games / day, as long as i remain a working guy.

Without any doubt, more usage efficiency requires to be stationary at home. Frequently checking what's happening in the devices helps keeping them loaded with tasks. But i'm not yet retired and the devices often wait for me after finishing.

Since an acceptable list needs 100 games per engine, for 107 current Android engines, i would need: (10700-1800) / 110  = 81 calendar days from now on. If i calculate a target date for the first "GOOD" Rapidroid release, July-28th is in the horizon. Then there will be May and June releases not well cooked.

Again i say, so many engines, so little time. As expected...

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