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May 9, 2015

Android UCI engine update: Komodo 9

Ooops!!! It seems i was sleeping calm n' quiet in my corner waiting for Komodo 9 to replace v8 as an update. No! The Komodo team released the ninth separately. Bad news is that we need to pay separately as well.

Now it's time to wake up and realize that Komodo 9 is available at: GOOGLE PLAY

The bad news is that i've been too late to notice the new version is released. Sorry for that but there are good news too. The good news is that we can have Komodo 8 and 9 on our devices at the same time and that it's possible to let them perform against other engines in parallel to conclude a verdict.

I still think the price vs performance ratio of Komodo for Android is way higher than the PC version. The price is highly attractive and the strength obtained is competititive enough.

Let's wait for the new version compete in Rapidroid gauntlets to record a new rating. Meanwhile i'm more than interested to hear from the followers whether we should keep Komodo 8 and 9 together in the same ranking or choose v9 to replace v8.

The theory tells it's better to kick out the old and focus on the newest to avoid multiple versions of an engine and prevent eventual rating distortions.

In constrast, the public interest requests a comparison between two versions which is not representative enough when based only on head to head matches. It's generally recommended to have two versions playing against same other opponents.

So, you tell me what is better and i'll follow:
* Introduce v9 an keep v8 too in the ranking > Tolerate rating distortion.
* Replace v8 with v9 and forget the elder brother.
* Conduct a small tourney between top 5 including two Komodo's and after the verdict, continue with v9 in Rapidroid for further rounds.


Unknown said...

I've checked the kNps performance of Komodo 9 vs Komodo 8 on Rockchip 3188 and Intel Z3745 processors with 4 cores. The results are the same for each: 420 and 520 aprroximately.
That means any ELO improvement to be observed will be explained with better code rather and not with higher speed.

Johannes said...

Pls include 9 in your test

Johannes said...

Replayse version 8 with 9

Unknown said...

May release will include Komodo 8. If i can finish K9 gauntlets it will be there too.
In June release K8 will say goodbye and K9 will remain alone.