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May 20, 2015

New Android UCI engine: Cheese 1.7

It feels good to see more and more engines are compiled for Android. What feels slightly bad is to follow Jim Ablett every day to check whether there's something new from him and meanwhile to skip the compiles provided by the authors.

I'd skipped Komodo 9 and got on with it lately last week. Cheese seems to be another case of deep sleep for me. Hopefully its author Patrice Duhamel notified me instantly after today's update of Rapidroid about the availability of a compile for arm7. Then i woke up!

Cheese 1.7 was released in March-2015. I'm two months late to discover it.

The engine looked healty to me using one of four cores of my Rockchip 3188 without glitches. First speed test at 180 seconds/move revealed 345 kNps which is very good for a single thread engine.

I hope Cheese will work well under Rapidroid conditions and will reach near 2500 ELO vs 2676 of the CCRL ranking.

Those who wanna taste a slice of cheese may visit Cheese 1.7 download page or alternatively download it from my engines repository HERE

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