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August 11, 2015

New Android UCI/XB engine: Galjoen 0.29 JA

A new engine written by Werner Taelemans compiled by Jim Ablett comes take part in the Android engine fleet growing every week. Galjoen is in a priliminary step yet and it needs many more updates to get fine tuned.

I've just tested it with Chess for Android in two timings used in Rapidroid. Unfortunately, Galjoen didn't make any move in Fischer clock mode. Next, it played well in fixed time per move mode without error but consumed 2.2 seconds vs 5 seconds alotted. Increasing to move time to 15 secs didn't yield enough changes: Only 3 seconds per move used.

I didn't yet tested XB mode. All above refer to UCI mode.

For the moment, Galjoen must wait for further versions to be rated in my experiments. Meanwhile engine freaks may give a try with Droidfish as Galjoen is UCI compatible.

Regarding the strength, my rough guess is 1700 ELO max but only in case the allotted time is fully used by the engine.

Download Galjoen: HERE

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