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August 11, 2015

Rapidroid skips July-2015

Due to health problems in the family, it was impossible for me to conclude the schedule of July. I hope skipping one release is nothing when compared to what the future is able to provide.

Struggled between travels by the end of july, i was not able to organise automated tournaments but i could play many manual games between iOS and Android, at least.

I strongly expect non-Android part of Rapidroid will bring more fun to the overall picture, possibly by the end of August.

Meanwhile, i hope to find during August some spare time to process and reflect recent engine updates like:
* Cheng 4.39
* Arasan 18.0
* Hakkapeliita 3.0
* ExChess 7.51 (NEW)
* GreKo 12.8a
* Bitfoot (NEW)
* Superpawn b108 (NEW)

There's a lot remaining to play. As always!

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