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October 6, 2015

Android UCI/XB engine update: Galjoen 0.30.2.JA

Galjoen just got an update compiled by Jim Ablett for Android. I remember that the previous one had issues with Fischer clock and it could not play fixed time per move either, using too much time beyond toleration. Therefore, it wasn't certified for Rapidroid.

Now it seems things changed. The updated version, after the first two games where it faced the native engine of Chess for Android is confirmed OK for Fischer clock.

Fixed time per move on the other hand is still open to speculation. It started by using 16 seconds vs 15 selected but with every further move the usage increased constantly up to 20 seconds. I didn't yet decide whether i should certify it for that time setting or not.

Probably it's wise to avoid tolerating excess time usage beyond 10%. We'll see.

The engine doesn't look strong yet, It won above mentioned match by 1.5 to 0.5, meaning that it plays way below 2000 ELO, maybe around 1600.

Download Galjoen 0.30.2: HERE

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