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October 4, 2015

Schachcomputer.info rocks!

If i suggest people to check out Rapidroid for many programs based on Android, i would recommend Scachcomputer.info for any kind of information related to table top chess computers, from the oldest one to the most recent.

This is a very old network of dedicated chess computer freaks, mainly from Germany, establishing tourneys and games between their computers since years, online or over the board. A great dedication i admire a lot!

Their two rating lists are based on tournament time controls and also rapid chess which they call Activschach for speed chess. FIDE had forgotten long ago that speed chess term but it still counts for computer chess, using 30 seconds per move.

One thing to keep in mind is that they never include any engine other than those installed inside a touchable, dedicated chess unit! That's the main reason there's nothing like 3000+ ELO in there.

The lists are comparable to SSDF in terms of calibration, therefore they should reflect traces of human vs machine games of the past. Similarity with FIDE scale is no surprise either.

For a very detailed forum and a trustable ranking, don't forget to:
1) Bookmark the link of THEIR WEBSITE
2) Take a look at the latest rating list releases based on SPEED CHESS and TOURNAMENT TIME CONTROLS.

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