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May 28, 2016

Android UCI/XB engine update: DanaSah 6.1

Pedro Casto updated his engine DanaSah to 6.1 a few days ago. Just like v6, this new version features UCI options as well.

DanaSah comes in two sub versions again: full strength and LS (for adjustuble limited strength). To tweak the LS version, i guess you need to install DanaSah as XB engine to parse the included configuration file. I didn't test it though as i'm only interested in the max strength.

You may download both sub versions and the optional xb config file: HERE

One last thing to notify is the book format which switched to polyglot (.bin). You may download the new DanaSah book HERE and copy it in a preferred folder on your device. The full path to the book must be set in engine configuration box of Chess for Android or via engine settings screen of Droidfish in case it's your GUI.

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